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Box Step UK was developed in April 2019 and is an innovative, exercise approach to fight the progression of Parkinson's and is the first of its kind in the UK which is lead and developed by qualified and HCPC registered Physiotherapists. Our Physiotherapy knowledge means we have the skills to closely monitor your progress by using validated, clinical outcome measures as evidence.

Who We Are...

What We Do...

Here at Box Step UK, we have devised a non-contact, hybrid exercise programme that incorporates the large amplitude movements required to combat the motor symptoms of Parkinson's with the intensity and principles of Boxing.

Our classes cater for people of all ages and abilities and all of our exercises can be adapted to meet individual needs. Each person must complete a health screening questionnaire before attending which will be provided by the class instructor. 

Joe Edwards: Physiotherapist & owner of Box Step UK

joe and freddie roach 3.JPG
joe and freddie roach.JPG

Joe with world famous boxing coach, Freddie Roache

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